About 1461

1461 is an animation production company based in North Yorkshire on the site of a famous battle fought between the houses of Lancaster and York for the throne of England. The company is very proud of its strong Yorkshire based roots though we do a lot of work with Lancastrians as well! Established by Russell Neale Anthony Dever who has a background in Children’s Publishing, Animation and Licensing the company produces and distributes work created by him as an Executive Producer in collaboration with industry professionals over a 20 year period. Now a ‘virtual studio’ 1461, draws talent from across the country but essentially the work is recognisably ‘Made In Yorkshire.’


Our approach to a project requires that we bring together the talents of creators as well as those of other industry professionals such as Distribution, external Studio's, Marketeers Online Management and Musicians. Some of these elements are handled from with 1461 but we also collaborate under contractual relationships with external resources who enable us to push the boundaries of children's entertainment to new levels.


When we go into a new project we go into it all the way, this includes spending a huge amount of time on researching our audience and making sure we hit the targets that our Broadcast partners are looking for. 1461 makes a point of creating in a way that is fully joined up from initial concept, through to animation and finally the incorporation of merchandise and music. Every series is different and every one needs a dedicated and experienced team behind it. This is what we mean when say we are insightful


1461 is a truly independent company though it operates alongside special purpose vehicles established to exploit the intellectual property rights of production and licensing. As an 'indie' it is not tied to the expectations of a larger producer and is therefore free to exploit IP in the best way that is required for each project.

Our Work

Boy and the Dinosaur


Boys Vs Girls

Rollie & Friends

Little Monsters